Monday, November 29, 2010

Duchess of Sin by Laurel McKee (5 Copy Giveaway and Review)

Blonde and beautiful Lady Anna Blacknall is in the mood for mischief. Entering Dublin's most notorious den of vice, she finds herself in the arms of a mysterious, emerald-eyed Irishman. And although he is masked, his tender kiss is hauntingly familiar.

Conlan McTeer, Duke of Adair, has come to Dublin to fight for a free Ireland. But he's suddenly reunited with the young Englishwoman who had once claimed his heart, and his passion turns from politics to pleasure. When their sizzling encounter brings danger to Anna's door, she must decide where her loyalties lie-and quickly. For someone will do whatever it takes to destroy Conlan . . . and anyone he dares to love.

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(Terra's Thoughts) This is a book that will make you sizzle so watch your toes.  Whomever said that the French make the best lovers evidently haven't had the chance to try an Irishman that's for sure.  Yowzer!

Lady Anna Blacknall is Dublin's newest wonder of beauty.  An air of radiance surrounds her in a cocoon so beautiful that you don't see the need for finding trouble until she's right in the heat of it.  If there was ever anyone who could find trouble without looking it would be Lady Anna.  It seems to follow her around like a love struck puppy panting at her feet.  Needless to say, a tall, dark and handsome Irishman practically falls into her lap leaving Anna no choice or willpower for that matter to not take advantage despite all the warnings.

Conlan McTerr, Duke of Adair is every mischief seeking females man of dreams.  He's tall, dark and handsome but not overly so but those emerald green eyes of his will most assuredly make you think twice about trying to avoid him.  Eyes like the most specular of gems draw you in and suck the breath out of you before you can even let out a minuscule squeak of surprise.  I say YUMM!

The author has given us an action packed love story with a hero and heroine that are more than a match for each other.  It's like a dark cloud seems to follow these two around as if it's attached at the seams of their souls.  The friction of romance is remarkable and rememberable.  It will make you wish that you could find your own Irishman in the dark shadows of nights embrace.

Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Forever; Original edition (November 30, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0446544760
ISBN-13: 978-0446544764


librarypat said...

This is the first I've heard of this book. Sounds interesting. Gotta love the Irish : )

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Shannon said...

Would love to read this book. =)

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mbreakfield said...

This one sounds good. Please enter me in the giveaway.
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mbreakfield said...

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Scorpio M. said...

I read McKee's last historical and really enjoyed it. Would like a chance to read this one. Thanks.

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CrystalGB said...

This book sounds great. What a beautiful cover.
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Estella said...

I like the sound of this one. A heroine who can always find trouble sounds wonderful.

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Jane said...

I read Laurel's previous book and look forward to this one.

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Raven99 said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this book; especially concerning the hero. Conlan sounds like a great, sexy hero. I would love to read this book.

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Virginia said...

Sounds like a great book and I love, love the cover!
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chey said...

This book sounds good!

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throuthehaze said...

+1 This sounds like something I would enjoy!

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Linda Henderson said...

I would love to read this book, it sounds like a great story.

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Cybercliper said...

A sexy, masked Irishman sounds like the perfect thing to warm up with on a cold night! annhonATaolDOTcom

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Maureen said...

It looks like a great story.
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penney said...

Great review I enjoyed reading this, I am picking up this soon love the cover.
Happy Holidays
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Lustee said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

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Carol L. said...

I have this on my wish list. I loved the excerpts I've already read and who doesn't love a sexy Irishmen with that brogue. Great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
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Carol L.

Karyn Gerrard said...

Heard great things about this book!

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ape2016 said...

I love her books.

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lag123 said...

I love books set in Ireland. Thank you for the awesome giveaway.
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